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Dog Training Yorkshire

Helping the dog owners of Yorkshire achieve their dog training goals, so they can forge the best possible relationship with their dog.

About us

We are a professional dog training company covering the whole of Yorkshire, with over 20 years’ experience helping dog owners achieve their goals. Here at Yorkshire K9, we do not believe one size fits all when it comes to working with canines. We take a non-traditional approach to our craft.

Dog Trainers Yorkshire

Real Life

Dog Training

We address things at source, particularly problems in the home, including resource guarding, jumping up at guests, barking in the home, crate training, threshold training, house boundaries etc.

This gives you more confidence, as we will be training beautiful obedience in the same parks that you walk in daily! This will be around all kinds of unpredictable distractions, just like it is on your dog walks.

Training in unrealistic environments, such as private land, or a facility, creates a false perception of how the training may be going! This is because you’re not going to be in this setting when you leave, and go back to the reality of walking your dog.

In a nutshell, it’s real world training for every dog, with every possible area that needs work. We implement the structure, obedience and leadership needed to make sure you and your canine companions have calm, enjoyable walks EVERY TIME.


Dog Training

What is balanced dog training? The internet can be a minefield of differing opinions and misinformation which is why we have written this article to enable you to make an informed decision.

Meet the Team


Ruth started out working at the dog's trust when she was 17 years old. After this she ran her own kennels as well as a dog rescue charity, during which time she recured and rehomed over 400 dogs! This opened the door to dog training and protection work for Ruth. Starting when she was 19, she has now trained over 10,000 dogs of all shapes and sizes, each one with different requirements and goals. Ruth has studied a variety of different training methods, and attended courses like ‘Thinking like canines’ by the world-famous Barabra Sykes! She also achieved a distinction upon completing her diploma in Animal Behaviour. Ruth is dog first aid qualified.



Aylish's journey in dog training began alongside her loyal companion, Rocky, as Ruth helped her train him as a puppy. This encounter led Aylish to join Ruth and the rest of the team at Yorkshire K9. With a deep connection to canines and a commitment to balanced training methods, Aylish embodies the ethos of Yorkshire K9. Outside of work, you'll find Aylish hiking nature trails, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and enjoying a cuddle on the sofa with her three dogs. Aylish is Dog First Aid qualified.


Martin - Yorkshire K9

Before he met Ruth, Martin was always interested in dog obedience. Particularly of interest was behaviour modification training, and working with high drive and working line dogs. Martin found he had a natural ability to connect and communicate with dogs, in a way that maximised the dog's potential. Martin has mastered his craft working with Rocco, as well as numerous other dogs over the past 3 years. Both Martin and Ruth have perfected their own personable and unique training methods that sets Yorkshire K9 apart from everyone else. Martin is dog first aid qualified.



Joe's journey with dog training started shortly after starting my own business as a dog walker when I purchased my first dog, Rupert the Sprocker. After doing some basic obedience with him and gaining my second dog, Bernie the Border Collie, paired with working closely with other peoples canines I wanted to train full time. This is where I found the perfect opportunity with Yorkshire K9 I couldn’t refuse! Joe is Dog First Aid and dog training qualified.


Dog Trainers Yorkshire


Our services are designed to give you and your dog the best possible opportunity to build, strengthen and reinforce a fantastic relationship.

Dog Trainers Yorkshire
Case Studies

Meet our latest amazing clients and learn more about how we were able to help them with their own specific needs and requirements.

Dog Trainers Yorkshire

Don't take our word for it! Read our testimonials to see and understand what makes Yorkshire K9's dog training methods so effective.

Ruth was absolutely fantastic with my puppy and  gave me some really good advice and support.

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