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Bruce & Molly


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You don’t need us to tell you that this pair is adorable!! Bruce and Molly are two peas in a pod and an amazing double act! When we were called to help, they were both reactive to strangers, (especially children coming to the home), reactive to dogs and both pulling on their leads. Now dogs being reactive to children isn’t a new phenomenon!

The reason kids are more likely to provoke reactivity is because they’re loud and erratic. The two things most dog's hate! We did some work with Molly and Bruce when we first met them at their home (as we were strangers to them). After desensitising them both to us (strangers) we were able to gain their trust and work of their dog reactivity and lead pulling. Usually, when a dog pulls on the lead it will promote frustration, therefore leading to a massively increased chance of reactivity becoming a problem!

Working on both their heelwork and general obedience, we were able to get both of them to a place where they bought into our leadership, and we got on top of the reactivity! After sharing some tips to maintain this level of control around kids too, we are happy to report that both Bruce and Molly are doing great!

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