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Buddy is a truly amazing dog that’s a mix of two of the most intelligent breeds! He’s an extremely confident dog and he loves having a job to do! We have had the pleasure of doing two sessions with Buddy on lead walking and recall done on the slip and remote collar.

Buddy tended to pull on the lead, and his recall had room for improvement especially around distraction. We started by doing some long line work with him for his recall. Then we switched over to the remote collar and he has been doing fantastic with this! The remote collar is the ultimate tool when working on recall. It eliminates those one or two times when your dog won’t listen because it sees something of higher value and won’t come back.

Buddy also has loose leash walking to rival any dog after we really took a deep dive into his heelwork, and more importantly because of the great work done by his owners since! You’ll find Buddy enjoys nothing more than running free on the beach!

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