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Max is a beautiful dog! He is a rescue, which meant that there were some habits and learnt behaviours we needed to get on top of. Max was reactive to people, wouldn’t walk on a lead at all and would nip/bite! First of all, we had to work on his obedience. This is always key as a foundation on which to teach and reinforce new desirable behaviours.

We used our balanced training approach to get him to go from not being able to walk on a lead at all, to a very nice and tidy heel in under an hour! Once we had him walking in a nice heel, we introduced one of our trainers whom he had not met (a stranger). We did this in such a way that Max was able to remain calm as he was being handled by an experienced trainer and was also able to air scent (always a good sign) our other trainer, then make his way up to him with no reaction and interact.

Max has made massive progress! A lot of rescues can be untrusting of strangers due to past experiences. Because of this it's vital to restore that trust as soon as possible and then shower them with tonnes of positive reinforcement and fun!

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