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Rico is a beautiful dog with a truly great temperament! He came to us for training after he had bitten his owners due to resource guarding, pulling on the lead and not always recalling under distraction. Resource guarding is probably the most problematic issue that dog owners face, and it’s a common one!

If this is not nipped in the bud early it can lead to quite major issues down the line, like biting, growling and general ‘aggression’. We worked with Rico on his obedience with a slip collar, later moving to a remote collar. Good obedience is the key to success with this kind of problem. We implemented the structure needed to stop the resource guarding by taking control of the things Rico viewed as ‘his’.

By doing this, he then respects the owners as the ‘pack leaders’ and realises they control the things he values highly, meaning he doesn’t get possessive over them! We also tidied up his recall and lead work with a long line and more obedience tasks! Rico is doing amazingly well now with his behaviour and obedience!

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