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Rudy is a box of tricks and a brainbox being a Border Collie! When we saw him, he pulled on a lead, was extremely reactive to cars and was unhappy with strangers arriving at the house and certain tasks being performed in the kitchen. First of all, we desensitised Rudy to strangers by introducing him to us when we first met and taking control of him.

He warmed to us and we heaped the praise on him to reinforce that strangers were nothing to be unsure about! We then tidied up his lead work by introducing a nice heel on the remote collar which he did amazing with! His lead walking by the end of the session was perfect loose leash walking! We tied in the reactivity to cars with building his obedience with his heelwork.

We got his attention and engagement by showing leadership qualities, then when we heeled him by the traffic that he was unsure about 1 hour before with no issues as he trusted us and followed our lead. Rudy is now doing amazingly well with the continued good work the owners are doing with him!

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