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XL Bully Ban..what you need to do

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Whether we agree with it or not it's coming, and we need to be ready to protect our much loved pets.

Here is a list of things that your Bully Type dog needs to be good at to avoid any reports, seizures or worse.

* Being comfortable wearing a muzzle. Muzzle conditioning can take anything from a few days to a few months so you need to start now. Training a dog to be comfortable in a muzzle is not the same as forcing a dog to wear a muzzle and causing them distress. We have some videos on how to muzzle condition your dog on our Instagram page @YorkshireK9

* Ensure that your dog is not reactive to people, animals, traffic. If your dog is reactive it is obviously stressed but now there is a strong possibility that someone could report you. Start working with a reputable trainer quickly!

* Does your dog go crazy when someone knocks at the door? Previously you may have seen this as a good deterrent. Not anymore, again you run the risk of someone reporting your dog and worst case scenario if they came to seize your dog and see it in this heightened state it isn't a good start.

*Does your dog walk nicely on a lead? It may not seem relevant but all eyes are on the Bully Type breeds now so the last thing you want is to look out of control, being pulled down the street. Sort your leadwork out.

*Exposure. Has your dog been socialised properly in different environments? Are they easily spooked by 'strange' objects? If so this also needs work asap.

*Handling. Can you handle your dog and examine it? Can other people? If your dog is seized it needs to be comfortable being handled and checked over. Start desensitisation now.

* Is your dog crate trained? We alays advise that young dogs be crate trained anyway for as there are so many benefits. One being travel. If your dog is seized it will be transported ina dog box or crate. It will be stressful for your dog and could worsen the situation if it is not comfortable getting in and out of a crate, and settling in crate.

* We love a Bully but some people don't, and now many people who don't understand the breed will be afraid. Even if your dog is the friendliest dog in the world do not allow it to run up to people, or approach strangers. Causing distress to the public is an offence.

We want to help you to protect your dog so please get in touch and follow our socials. Time is of the essence guys. Stay safe.


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