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Puppy Elite Training

Puppy Elite Training


Puppy Elite is a comprehensive 1-2-1 puppy training program, that covers EVERYTHING you need to make sure your pup has the best start to their new life.

Most problems that we can face with our dogs as adults, can be avoided completely, by implementing the structure, obedience, and boundaries our dogs need from day one. If done correctly, things such as lead pulling, reactivity, zero recall, disobedience, no engagement, being destructive, resource guarding and so on, never come to the surface as you’ve already got fantastic obedience; and therefore control, as well as setting out the necessary boundaries from when they’re a puppy.

This training course is going to give you the skills and the confidence to handle your dog in any situation or environment, and more importantly, it will result in your dog having the stress free, joyous life they deserve!


8 x 1hr Sessions & Consultation Call £775 + VAT

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