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Remote Collar Training

Remote Collar Training


We offer Remote Collar Training as a residential course where we will do the hard work for you. Remote collars are a brilliant tool if used correctly and can be excellent for touching up obedience training and recall training. We help many dogs who could otherwise not be off lead for reasons such as a high prey drive to chase live animals or scents, or dogs who unfortunately for their owners have found other things in life that are of a higher value than anything that they have to offer. Both of these traits can be extremely hard to change if not impossible without the correct use of a remote collar.

Remote collar training needs to be done slowly and by professionals which is where we come in. We only use Dogtra products which are in our opinion the best remote collars for pet and working dog trainers in the UK.

The remote collar training on a residential basis is a two week course which could literally change you and your dog's life. (Owners must be willing to have a thorough handover to enable us to teach them how to use the collar safely and correctly).


From £1,750 + VAT

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