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Bertie the Dachshund Needs a Home

Bertie currently belongs to Dachshund Rescue UK who we regularly work with.

He is in rescue because he became possessive over one person in his previous home and sadly they had to let him go. He loves other dogs and going for nice walks. He is a bit anxious around traffic which could be easily fixed.

We would be happy to help Bertie's new owners to ensure that the guarding does not become a problem in his new home, and help to get him more comfortable around traffic. Both of these minor problems would be addressed through adding good structure and leadership within the home.

If you might be interested in offering Bertie a permanent home please contact Dachshund Rescue UK directly at Dachshund Rescue UK - Regional Rescue Contacts.

We have previously worked with Slinky and Freddie who you may have seen on our Instagram page @YorkshireK9 . Freddie loves obedience and is great to watch! :) Slinky has become a longterm member of Yorkshire K9.

Did you know that our modern day Dachshund was the descendent of "The Badger Hound", this probably explains the small stature but huge personality of our Dachshunds today . The miniature version was bred to hunt rabbits and smaller animals, the hound instinct , prey drive etc is still quite often hard wired into our domesticated dogs today , they may look cute and cuddly but you will have your work cut out keeping him on the the straight and narrow ! A famous trainer once said "they would rather train a zebra than a dachshund"

However once you have your Dachshund on side you will have a very loyal, quirky, funny and very clever little friend for life. - By Lynn, Dachshund Rescue UK

We are working with more and more of these little tinkers as their popularity has grown. They are very clever, loving and loyal dogs but they do need basic training, particularly the smooth coats, to ensure that they are well rounded citizens!

If you do require any help with your Dax please get in touch on 01423 646925.

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