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Breed Profile - The Boerboel

In Memory of Troy

One of the largest dog breeds in the world the South African Boerboel is a Mastiff which can weigh up to 90kg. They are officially a South African landrace.

The name derives from the afrikaans word 'boer' meaning farmer, and 'boel' meaning Bulldog. The Boerboel was a cross between Mastiffs and Bulldogs, and was bred to protect livestock and property, and hunting in packs animals such as leopards.

Boerboels are extremely powerful, protective, confident and courageous making them unsuitable for inexperienced owners. (There are restrictions in many countries banning the ownership of Boerboels).

However if trained and handled by an experienced owner from a young age they are happy, loyal and extremely loving dogs.

This post is in Memory of Ruth's boy Troy who sadly passed away 15th December 2022. After surviving major surgery 3 years ago and living without his spleen Troy passed away aged 9 years old. He was a beautiful, boy who was never any trouble and brought joy to everyone who met him.

Rest in Peace Gentle Giant ❤️ ❤️❤️

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