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Is What you Feed your Dog Important?


At Yorkshire K9 we all feed natural hypoallergenic diets. Martin feeds raw and Ruth feeds steamed and cold pressed.

Of course like everything in the dog world there are people pro and against raw but you should do what works best for you and your dog.

Some dogs who have digestive problems or struggle to keep weight on do well

on raw. We would always recommend a brand that incorporates some veg too such as Bella and Duke.

Steamed dog food is a great alternative to raw. Choose one that is cooked at a lower

temperature and includes vegetables. We like Forthglade.

Cold pressed is at it sounds. It is in kibble form and is cold pressed rather than processed so that it holds its nutritional value. This could be more convenient for some people. Walker and Drake are a highly recommended option.

There are many kibbles on the market with great, high quality ingredients but remember as with human foods, processing reduces the 'goodness'.

Check your labels, the less additives, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours the better! These things can affect your dog's health and behaviour just like additives can affect children. The colours may look appetising to us but are they really helpful to your dog?

Studies have shown that dogs fed a natural diet average a longer life expectancy!

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